The Vision

Inspiring celebration, growth, empowerment and collaboration.

guest“It’s An Event”

Women are eager for connections like never before. We find strength and empowerment in the sharing of resources and information. What sets Driven Cape Cod’s Conference For Women apart is that we believe in the value of each and every women. Young and old from all social and cultural backgrounds coming together under one roof to share useful and relevant information,and high energy with the hope of inspiring women to be the change in their own community.

“It’s A Destination”

It is no secret that Cape Cod is a beautiful destination. People flock here from all over the world to experience our amazing beaches, shopping and warm residents. We chose March because although we are on the cusp of our busiest season our businesses could use a boost while visitors can take advantage of all that we have to offer from the arts to shopping, theater to the enviroment without the enormous crowds. Over the last two years more and more women are joining us for an overnight or two.  The extended networking time has been phenomenal!!12593458_1254780947871221_5991901810969129767_o

“It’s A Collaboration”

Driven Cape Cod Conference for Women could not take place without the collaboration of businesses and non profits across Cape Cod and the surrounding areas. Our goal is that the barriers that hinder us from working together be removed whenever possible because I believe ” We are so much better together than we are apart”

“It’s Pure Inspiration”

I love my work! I am inspired by you. There is an infinite amount of talented business and professional women here on Cape Cod and I have the pleasure of meeting many of you on a daily basis. I have a saying ” You don’t have to look for inspiration it finds you”! Over the last two years we have been able to expand our reach to youth in the eleventh and twelfth grades in order to expose them to and inspire them with the accomplishments of women in all professions.

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