Driven…. I am driven! This means to me so much more than career. It really reflects how I feel about each aspect of my life. To truly be driven for me means that I am on a mission. To be better than today. To wish the best onto others. To drive my children to be the best they can be. To follow that path that sparks a flame or ignites a passion. To take the road that no one else wants to take…. and uncover something truly significant~.

Nicole Perry

Love it Marie Younger Blackburn. “driven women” means to me that I can’t hold back. I’m in the drivers seat of my dreams so I need to steer in the right direction give it gas slow down change directions signal and park with confidence to move forward in every thing I do. The amazing part of it is now with this First Conference for Women I will not be alone on my ride I will get support from a lot of other women who are just as driven as I am. Thank you Marie for your preserveance and relentless efforts to make things happen you are definitely an event planner to heart!!!!

Sandy Miranda

Mariana Costa

To me to be DRIVEN is to be grateful for all that you have. To be grateful for the knock downs just as much as the touch downs…. It’s about knowing how to be grateful for the lessons and the opportunity to rise no matter the circumstances with the power of love and belief in yourself!

Mariana Costa


Driven to me means that the fear is meant to show you greatness is beyond it and move through as the journey is yours and the choice is you have- you can lay down and wonder why not me? or you can STAND UP and move toward the dreams you have – Follow your Purpose and Passion – You see the result you desire is not the “pot of gold”, but the journey to who you become in the process! PS-Driven does not mean to walk on others, but bring them with you, as they will have a gift you need and you will celebrate one another!

Melissa Walsh Murphy

Jordana Luchetti Camargo

For me to be DRIVEN is to try, to try and try and NEVER GIVE UP when you have one wish and 1% of a CHANCE to make this come true!

A grateful heart is a beginning of greatness. It is an expression of humility. It is a foundation for the development of such virtues as prayer, faith, courage, contentment, happiness, love, and well-being.

The best quote for me is: Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.
Mahatma Gandhi

Jordana Luchetti Camargo

Marie interview Deborah

What does it mean to be Driven? For me it is an understanding that I have a purpose and a responsibility that is so much greater than I. It means that I must look back and spring forward in order to leave a legacy worthy of those who have gone before me. It means knowing I can never be defeated as long as I am willing to show up. It means humility, gratefulness, and long hours of hard work on my own terms. It means a willingness to extend a hand in collaboration in order to get things done. Finally it means to inspire that’s where the real work begins.


Marie — you truly make living on the cape the place to be!!! I am not a year rounder but spent so much of my time there — LOVE what you bring to the area!Hoping to take advantage of things in the future too!Had to send a shout out! lol

Diane Campbell

That is an excellent question, it means in all my life’s efforts, I have to watch my motives because anyone can achieve anything but it is the motive of the achievement that brings true satisfaction and builds an eternal or lasting legacy. After all we are made for purpose so what is life if I am not driven to achieve that in the best way possible? My take on that. Thanks for sharing your work!

Dr Portia Ndlovu

Well Marie, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, and I’ll say it to whom ever has “ears to hear and eyes to see”! Your Driven Women Conference was a masterful work of artful brilliance. Every detail was flawlessly designed and intricately interwoven to create a fun and inspirational day for everyone who attended. And how amazing that 400 driven women braved one of the snowiest snow storms of the winter to come! And all 400 women agree, it was worth it! We applaud you for your dedication, not only to your Black and White Event Management and Catering business, but also for networking to promote others. Your professionalism and personal investment is happily contagious. Thank you. Thank you for a job well done!

Juliane Dillon

Great High Energy Event w/ Positivity all around! Thank you for giving all of us hard working DRIVEN woman a place to collaborate, share ideas and support one another. I can only imagine the outcome had there NOT been another snow storm. Looking forward to next year, great job Marie Younger Blackburn.

Tarraza RaRa Razza

I attended the Driven Women’s conference yesterday. I have to say to was one of the best planned conferences I can remember attending. Every detail was carefully planned out and nicely executed. The women who I talked to who attended were all impressed. Thanks, Marie and your committee, for an event well done.

Terri Arthur

If you can inspire thousands of women on Cape who are professionals, mothers, daughters, sisters etc through inspirational conferences I believe I can be pumped up with Inspiration! Excited here! Ty Marie Younger Blackburn Life is too good!

Dina Cakebread

Thank you so much for sharing this with us Marie Younger Blackburn. You are one of the women you speak of out there in the business and Professional world’s who through focus, hard work and determination Drive their families, businesses and communities to a better standard of living.

Kathleen O’keefe- Kanavos

Being part of the Driven Women mindset means sharing our joy and thanking God for His guidance every day, while striving with all that is us to pursue our purpose! Asking for help when we need it, offering a helping hand to women who are working HARD to not only make their vision a reality, but help their families thrive. Building other women UP. Knowing that we all reach our stride at different times and in different ways and when another woman arrives ahead of us, still – CHEERING her on. Driven Women understand that this is a door we all are holding open for the generation of women who follow us.

Linda Dooley